Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Second custom MLP!

Here is the second custom My Little Pony, this time it's a McDonald Happy Meal custom. I kept her original pink hair and body. The eyes needed a total repaint due to damage and the tail got a new two color painting.

A view of the design from the back. This time the design is based on a Japanese festival coat called a hanten (or happi). I found this hanten at Bokunan-do. http://www.shop-japan.co.jp/english-boku/index.html

The pony's body is semi-translucent, so the flowers look like they float on the pink parts.

A lovely cherry blossom pair!


  1. Really good,I love the cherry blossom festival

  2. Love these I also love the cherry blossom festival

  3. I love cherry blossoms