Monday, June 29, 2009


I've started my first needlepoint this last weekend. I decided to start this after I finished the cross-stitch (see previous post). Here is the progress so far.
I doesn't look like much yet! I'm learning some tricks though, and it passes the time.
The previous cross-stitch - I went on a hunt yesterday to find a cheap frame & mat at thrift stores, but no luck. I can't seem to find one that fits. I really don't want to spend tons of money, so I'll keep looking. I think I tried 8 thrift stores so far, kind of discouraging!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My House

Last Sunday my in-laws came to my house for dinner. My husband's aunt Mary is visiting from New Jersey, and we wanted to have her over to see our house for the first time. It's only the second time the in-laws have seen the house as well. Normally the house is a huge mess! We live like slobs mostly, so having it this clean is a rare. Only the living areas are clean, the storage rooms (2 spare bedrooms), garage, and man-cave (den) are still a mess. Anyway, I took pictures, so let me show you around!
Here is a picture of the outside of the house. Please excuse the weeds in the driveway. I recently read on the internet that you can sprinkle table salt on weeds that grow in cracks and they'll shrivel up and die. I did this and the weeds grew twice as big as before in one week! I'm guessing this home remedy is false. I also read that vinegar works too. I'll try this, maybe. You can see how unruly the rose bushes are! I forgot to trim them this year.

The entrance way. It's a split level house. The downstairs goes to the man-cave. The garage is accessed down there too, and there is a full bathroom. The bathroom down there is used for Matrix's litterbox, and my husband's friends when they come over and play games in the man-cave. You can see Matrix at the top of the stairs here. He's thinking, "whoa, the door is open!"
Shoes aren't worn in the house. Normally they pile up here. It's a tripping hazard, but I haven't found a shoe caddy that fits in this tiny space. I hate the ugly brown carpet in the house. When we first moved in, it was flea-infested from the previous owner.
Here is the kitchen. It's tiny.

The dining room. Normally the table is used as a catch-all for whatever. It's nice to finally be able to see the surface of the table! Matrix eats in the corner here. This is also where I display a kimono. I switch it out occasionally. Also is a picture of me, some fake bonsai that I made, and other display stuff.

Here's a close-up of the picture displayed with the kimono.

Outside is the new BBQ. It was a nightmare putting together! We put it together the day before the in-laws came over to visit, and we found out we didn't get the screws or instructions. Bobby had to go to Lowes to get replacement parts. We were also told that it included the propane, but it wasn't so, so we had to buy that as well.

Here is the living room. The TV is new. (^_^)v We never use the fireplace. The tiger plushies were won from carnival games. Matrix was frightened of the large tiger, it was so cute! Now it's Matrix's punching bag.

The main hallway leads to the bedrooms. Behind the couch is my doll case. The bonsai on top was also made by me, as well as the camelias hanging on the wall in the center of the picture.

Sorry for the shine from the glass. Bobby got this case for me. These are all my Japanese Barbie dolls. I have most of the good ones so far. The top 2 are New Year's Barbies. The bottom two are geisha Barbies that I made myself.

The rest of the Barbies. The very bottom one is a vintage Barbie, wearing the first true Barbie kimono. Rare and expensive, found for cheap and good condition! I'm such a nerd...

The bedroom. I love the bed spread. I got it at Walmart (lol!). Matrix's bed is on top of the dresser.

One of many sword sets. This is the newest set Bobby won at a tournament. I'd love to display them all, but Matrix loves to chew on things. How pretty my house would be if Matrix didn't chew on things...

The windows in the living room and bedroom are very deep. I can sit on them very comfortably. Matrix loves to sit here and watch the world.

Company Picnic

Last Saturday was my company's picnic. Every Summer the picnic is held at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, WA. This year's picnic was BBQ ribs and chicken.
The weather was really mild, and seemed to be on the verge of raining. We were lucky and it did not rain.

There were games set up for the children, as well as a playground on the picnic site. A co-worker had brought a homemade game for the adults. I don't know what it was called, but it involved tossing large metal washers into holes, kind of similar to horseshoes. We played this game for hours!

Piñatas were set up for the kids. Sticks were not used, since it is dangerous for a work function. The piñatas were busted open taking turns pulling a string from the bottom. Picking the correct string broke open the bottom and poured out the candy. I had never seen this kind of piñata.
SpongeBob and Transformers.

The wonderful thing about Point Defiance Park is the location next to the ocean and the zoo. The picnic site was right behind the lion holding area, so roars could be heard. The ocean is accessed from a rustic staircase. The beach was rather cold, but there were plenty of hiking trails!

It was a fun weekend!

Cross Stitch

I finished my first cross stitch last night. I don't remember how long it took, and I only worked on it occasionally. It is a no-count kit, so I only had to focus on stitching in specified areas. I don't know how I feel about that, since the majority of the picture is pre-printed. But, I bought it because I loved the picture.

Here is a picture of the kit I bought: Sachi, by Sunset.

My finished piece:

Close up:

Since it isn't a counted cross stitch, the guide sheet isn't much of a chart. The guide is kind of set up like a paint-by-number. To keep track of where I was, I used markers to mark off finished sections. You can really see how little of the picture is actually stitched vs. what is printed. Yellow is x-stitch, red is outline or other embroidery. The majority of the yellow x-stitch area is the bottom of the skirt, which is unfortunately not pictured.
Now I need to find a frame! After this I'm starting a needlepoint.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Asian inspired garden

Recently I was at Allenmore hospital getting blood work done, and I was impressed by the gardens. The main walkway was lined with rhododendrons, and occasionally the hallways would open up with glass windows or doors revealing a garden. The waiting room I was in has an Asian garden with many statuaries. Here are some pictures I had taken.

Garden pics

Spring is here, and everything is in bloom. I'm not a gardener by any means, but I do have things growing in my yard. Mostly weeds. I have a bunch of giant rose bushes that have apparently been planted by the original owner of my house, 12 years ago. The rose bushes are tall! I am no good at taking care of them, so they tend to grow wildly. Here are some pictures taken today:
Most of the roses bloom pink. All shades of pink. I do get some red primroses. I have one bush that is itty-bitty that just bloomed a red rose, and I have one plant that always blooms a lovely peach color.
I have no idea what this plant is, but I like the flower. The flowers are too heavy and they end up on the pavement. This one is beginning to lean. There is a similar plant that blooms yellow flowers similar to these, but bigger and the leaves are a different shape. I also have a new one that sprouted up this year that seems to be blooming pink versions of this flower. They haven't opened yet, though.
Did I say that I'm good at growing weeds? I have no idea what this is, but I think it's a weed. It sure grows like one... I've trying to cut it (thick stalk!!) and I've trying to kill it, but it's still growing strong. It's much bigger today after a sudden rainfall last night, and this is the wildest it's been, so I decided to snap a picture. If anyone can identify, please let me know!