Sunday, June 27, 2010


Tomorrow Bryan will be 3 weeks old! He's settling into a pattern of being sleepy during the day and fussy at night. I read somewhere that it is common because in the womb he got used to me eating a large meal at night so at night he wants to feed all the time. That and he has really bad gas right now. I think my antibiotics are causing it. I've stopped taking them so hopefully he will feel better soon.

I found some photos on my cell phone from his 2 week milestone. This is the only one I could extract from my phone..

During the day he's sleepy! Sometimes he is impossible to wake up. Unfortunately sometimes at night he is impossible to put to sleep! He'll grow out of it, for now it's sleepless nights for me! Anyways, video of Bryan being comatose!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bryan meets another newborn!

Bryan is doing good! He's 16 days old now. At his 2 week old doctor's appointment he had gained weight, now 7lbs 3oz. The doctor was pleased with the weight gain. He joked that I should become a wet nurse. Bobby joked that I should sell my milk on ebay...

We had a pretty good weekend. Saturday we went to my sister's house for my nephew's 5th birthday. Bryan got to get spoiled. Everyone took turns changing diapers (I'm glad to let them!), and my nieces Atlantis and Dakota cuddled and fed Bryan a bottle.

On Father's day we went to the Tahoma National Cemetery to visit Bobby's dad's burial site. It was pretty emotional since he never got a chance to meet Bryan before he passed away.

Afterwards we got a call from Bobby's friend who just had a baby the night before. We went and visited the little guy at the hospital. Tucker James, he was 8lbs 8oz. We put the baby's together in the bassinet to cuddle together, and Bryan looks so much smaller! They'll probably grow up as playmates.

Bryan kept trying to suckle on Tucker!
Bryan was really trying hard to get Tucker's cheek, so I grabbed the camcorder and gave Bryan a boost to Tucker's cheek. "om nom nom!"

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Welcome Bryan!

Bryan Henry Sarnoski
Born 6-6-2010 at 10:45 am
6lbs 9oz, 19.5 inches

Bryan is finally here!

On the evening of the 5th I was counting my contractions and got excited when they got to 5 minutes apart. My doctor told me to go to the hospital when they got this close together. I called the hospital and they told me to stay home and take a bath, and that first time moms generally labor for a long time. After the bath the contractions were now 4 minutes apart, but the hospital still said not to come in and to try and sleep through the night. I was angry because my doctor said it was important for me to go in asap to get antibiotics since I was Group B Strep positive (a bacterial infection that 30% of women have - it has no symptoms and is harmless except it can effect the baby if not treated). When I went to bed the contractions were 3 minutes apart, but I managed to fall asleep.

3:30 am my water broke! It was SIGNIFICANT! I woke up yelling "Bobby! Bobby! My water broke! Omigod omigod omigod!" Bobby was level-headed and excited, got up and started getting ready. I jumped out of bed (completely soaked) and ran to the bathroom (soaking the carpet on the way there).

We got checked into the hospital and I was checked - 4cm dilated 70% effaced. They started the IV and antibiotics and I rested as the contractions gradually got stronger. My sister and Scotty were the first to show up. By the time Bobby's friend/sister Tia showed up I was throwing up. I was 6cm dilated and the nurse suggested I take a bath to help with the pain. The bath didn't help. All the guests had left the room at this point and I was yelling through some of the contractions. I finally had enough IV fluid in me to get the epidural and I was soon a happy camper. It wasn't long before I was ready to push.

I pushed for a little over an hour when they called the doctor in. They couldn't find my doctor so the nurses ended up paging him on the intercom telling him to come "stat!". It wasn't an emergency but I hope my visitors didn't start to worry! The doctor came in and was peeved at the nurses! Bobby was a good coach during the pushing. I was worried that he'd pass out or something, but he was excited and proud watching the baby come. Bryan came out sunny-side up (face up) so the doctor had to turn him around once the head was out. I'm a little sad that they didn't offer Bobby the opportunity to cut the umbilical cord. But, having come from a family with a history of pregnancy problems, everything went problem-free, and quickly for a first timer!

And now, pictures!

Bryan getting weighed. He's 6lbs 9oz. His head was a little oblong, but now it's perfectly shaped.

I held him for a long time. He is so beautiful! He cried when he was delivered but after that he was really calm and quiet.

He has eye ointment so his eyelids look shiny. All the guests; my sister and Scotty, Tia, and Bobby's brother Eric are all hovering around taking pictures.

His first bath at the hospital. The nurse bathed him. He didn't like it!

Swaddled up like a cocoon!

He was very sleepy for the first day. At night he got fussy. We stayed at the hospital for 2 days.

Going home, Bryan was very calm and fell asleep in the car seat. When we got home we were curious to see how Matrix would react to him. I don't think Matrix understood that Bryan was a living thing. Matrix was just excited we were home.

It wasn't until Bryan got fussy and started crying that Matrix took interest. He sits at the playcrib with his eyes wide looking at the baby. His expression looks like he's saying "what the heck is your problem?!"

Auntie Tia visited yesterday and brought us food and played with Bryan. He was fussy the night before so we didn't get much sleep. We played with him all day to try and keep him awake so he'd sleep during the night. Bryan was passed out and it was impossible to wake him! During a diaper change Bryan managed to pee all over the place (lol!) so we gave him a bath. I knew he'd hate it, so I hoped it'd wake him long enough to tucker him out later in the evening. It worked! We slept for 4 hours straight! And after a feeding and diaper change we got another 3 hours of sleep. So today we're feeling good.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Still Preggo

So I'm still pregnant. At my last appointment my doctor said I wouldn't need to schedule another appointment and that I'd have the baby by then, but I scheduled the appointment anyways, and looks like I'll be making it to that appointment! Oh boy. I get the feeling the doctor will probably schedule to have me induced. We'll see. I am still getting contractions, but they are 7-10 minutes apart and getting a little stronger.

My sister and her boyfriend bought us a baby swing! It swings at different angles and plays music, nature sounds, and white noise. It'll be a very useful for a fussy baby.

Of course, I had to put my kitty Matrix in the swing. After the swing was assembled he actually wasn't curious about the new thing at all. But I put him in it and he was like "oh, hello.. this is nice!" I took the picture while the swing was swaying, so it's a bit blurry.

I wanted to put a baby bib on him and matching sockies, but I don't think he'd have appreciated that.