Monday, April 20, 2009

Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival

Yesterday a group of us went up to Seattle to the Cherry Blossom Festival. It is an annual festival to celebrate the blooming of the cherry blossoms and to share Japanese cultural arts.

Before heading out we stopped by a local Tully's coffee bar to get espresso. Yum! This Tully's had a painting of a man on the outside wall of the building. We decided to take funny pictures with the man. Here is Nicole (sister) and Dakota (daughter of sister's boyfriend) posing with the gentleman.
We drove up to Seattle Center where the festival was taking place in the shadow of the space needle. Unfortunately the cherry blossoms had already lost their blooms.. We did wonder the area and watched many events.
There were martial arts demonstrations, singing and dance, tea ceremony, etc. There were also many booths displaying Japanese arts. There were children's activities such as origami, and practicing caligraphy. On display were many art items, including these dolls made of chiyogami paper.
At these kinds of Japanese events there is inevitably a booth in which you can pay to get dressed up in yukata and pose for pictures. I never see these participants skillfully dressed! =.=; I did snap a picture of this group because I was amused by the man dressed as a geisha!
After eating lunch (gyoza!) we wandered more and happened upon a shodo demonstration and display. We participated in a game of "guess the meaning of this ancient kanji!"
Even though the cherry blossoms were no longer blooming, we did spy this cute little garden of giant tullips.

After having our fill of the festival we decided to check out other sites of Seattle. We took the monorail to Westlake center and enjoyed a strawberry crepe and watched street performers tap dance and drum on buckets. We had a good time.

I encourage others to go out and see what festivals and events are available in your area! International festivals, music festivals, or street fairs, they can all be enjoyed and we can learn much about the world around us! Have fun!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Gem Faire

Easter weekend I went to Gem Faire at the Tacoma Dome. The show was rather small and expensive. I did manage to find something I liked. I bought these dessert shaped enamel charms! They have little crystals on them, very cute! I made this charm bracelet:Matrix, my cat, thought they were delicious. ^_^ I took this pic of him licking a cake charm.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cupcake Skirt

I finished my first lolita skirt this weekend. It's a rectangle skirt with a cupcake print. I kept the design simple since this was my first skirt. Forgive the blurry cell phone pictures.

I was originally going to use a thicker lace for the trim but I'm glad I switched to the small lace.

My first casual lolita outfit. I made a pink head bow too, but you can't see it in the photo.

Petticoat finished

I finished the petticoat! I put it off this long thinking I had approached the hard part of attaching the tulle to the lining/waist, but it was rather easy. And the result is a very full petti! I changed my plans a bit, it's two layers of tulle: the top layer has 3 tiers, the bottom layer is just the bottom two tiers attached to the lining. I knew that if I kept the 2 layers up top it would make it too full at the hips. I still have tons of tulle left over, I may make a less full petticoat sometime down the road. But this was a good project, and so much cheaper than buying one.