Thursday, October 1, 2009


After the emotional blow of getting fired, my sister took me out shopping at her workplace. She works at a bead store, Shipwreck Beads. I had an extremely good time. I indulged in an espresso - something I hadn't had since becoming jobless, and I splurged on beads. Up until that day I was stuck at home crying non-stop, I didn't think I'd 180 emotionally in one day. That shopping day kick-started my dormant creativity and gave me something to be excited about again.
I've made several items since then, but recently I've been on a creative downward slope.. I figured I should post some things, and maybe my creative juices will get going again.
So, here is a bracelet I've made. I used a pattern in a bead magazine, I don't remember which..

It's made of seed beads, the flowers woven in a 3D shape. It's cute and girly, but the clasp is cheap quality and difficult to open and close.

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