Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween at the E.R.

I hope everyone had a nice Halloween! I ended up with a scare and had Bobby take me to the emergency room. I had started bleeding and became worried. At the E.R. I was examined to make sure my cervix was ok - it was. And I had blood drawn to check my pregnancy hormones. If the hormones were low then there was a danger of miscarriage, but mine were where they should be. And, I had an ultrasound done. It is only about an inch long so was hard to make anything out, but we did see the heartbeat and were assured that baby was ok.It is the mass on the left side of the dark spot. Tomorrow is the first visit to the obstetrician.
I'm kind of bummed about Halloween since I have so much candy. Bobby's mom bought a ton of candy yesterday morning and told us not to buy any, but she didn't know that we had gotten our candy a week ago. Who buys candy on Halloween. By then all the good stuff is sold.. But anyways, we have way more candy than needed and planned to give out huge handfuls, but we didn't get home until 9:30 and all the kids were going home. Now I've got a year's supply. Free candy anyone?

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