Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Temari are Japanese ornaments made by embroidering designs over a ball wrapped in thread. Originally these were made as toys for young girls, but now it is a traditional Japanese art.

Making temari is a fun craft, and can be learned easily with a good book. I recommend this one. You will see many of my temari pictured below were learned from this book.

Colors used can be as playful as you like. Red, White, and Blue is a fun theme, I've seen collections of many temari in these colors photographed together.

This pattern is one of the easiest to make. It is a chrysanthemum, called "Kiku" in Japanese.

This Kiku temari uses colors inspired by Seattle Seahawks football team.

This one I used the colors used in a kimono I had seen.

This is a large temari. Before wrapping in thread, I cut it in half and inserted a bell so that the temari rings when shaken.

An all pink temari made for Breast Cancer Awareness.

An egg shape is not traditional, but temari technique is excellent for making Easter decorations.

A different colored flower is used on each side.

A red, white, and blue kiku. This is one of the first I've made.

This is a variation of the kiku pattern. It reminds me of a yabane (arrow) pattern used in old kimono.

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  1. I love your temari, they are very nice aand neat. well done! Graciela from Italy. Ciao