Friday, January 15, 2010

It's a boy!

Today was my 20 week ultrasound. We got to see many things, inside the brain, heart, bones, cross-sections of the belly, and possibly his little boy-parts. We also learned that he is very wiggly, and is currently breach (feet pointing down, but he will probably reposition later) and he is standing and kicking right on my bladder. Joy!

The best part was watching him wiggle. Very active! He was giving the radiologist a hard time because he wouldn't stay still. (I'm saying "he", but the checking the gender via ultrasound isn't always accurate) The baby looking like a squirmy little kitten. Current heartrate is 145, weight 12 ounces, and is healthy and normal.

I got some grainy ultrasound pictures!This is the profile of the head. You can see the spine clearly, and the shape of the head. It is difficult to make out the face, but the proportions are normal.

You can see the face better in this picture.

This is supposed to be the "gender" picture. It's hard to see... This is a view from the butt. The grey column in the center is the main body/spine, the legs are amidst the black masses on the sides forming a V-shape, and there is a little thingy sticking up. Hard to see.. I'll outline:
Here is a video of baby moving around. You can see his legs pushing (on my bladder.. the image is turned, he's actually upright). Head is on left, feet and butt on right. Hopefully everything uploads ok. I'm having computer problems now, it crashed several times while trying to post this!

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