Monday, May 10, 2010


We have the nursery set up. We were lucky enough that Bobby's mom bought most everything we needed. Unfortunately, that means we didn't get to pick anything out. I had inspirations for what I wanted the room to look like, but no money.

Since grandma decided we didn't need furniture (she wanted us to put baby's clothes in a tupperware container...) we have to reuse some antique furniture I had: lacquered dressers with Chinese paintings on them. They are neutral colored, and the bamboo sort of matches the green crib bedding. The dressers are old and the lacquer is in bad condition (covered in nail polish, chipping, coffee rings) but it's better than plastic bins.

I'd love to decorate the walls, but there is no telling what grandma will buy next that will totally clash with what we've got going now. And I don't feel safe hanging anything over the crib. I have a pretty panda picture that would go with the Asian theme, but no other wall space to put it. That crib is way too big!

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