Thursday, May 20, 2010


Yesterday I had a doc appointment. Originally the doctor said that he thought I was going to have a big baby, 8-9lbs, so I asked for an ultrasound to see how big he's getting. He's 6lbs some ounces now, he'll be about 7lbs when born. So everything is looking great! We were trying to get a good look at his face on the ultrasound, but he was too busy sucking his thumb!

37 weeks pregnant!

Lately, Matrix has been climbing into the crib :-( and shedding hair all over the bedding. I got tired of lint-rolling the cat hair off the sheets, and I'm worried he might poke a hole through the waterproof layer of the mattress when he jumps out. So Bobby and I were thinking of ways to keep the cat out but still be able to have the door open so we can see in easily. Cats can jump over pet gates, so that was not an option. I looked online and the only options I could find were to keep the door closed all the time (and use a baby monitor, which I don't like) or install a screen door.

So today I picked up a screen door! Its sort of awkward but I hope it'll work. Bobby is going to put it up when he gets home tonight. I propped it up against the door frame to see what it would look like, and as soon as Matrix heard the baby's room door open he came running -- head-first into the screen! And he preceded to ram his face into the screen 3 more times! It was so funny! By the time I grabbed my cell phone, he was finished bonking his head and just inspecting the door in frustration.

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