Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nosy Neighbor Syndrome

I have not been blessed with good neighbors. One neighbor revs their dirt bikes at all hours of the day. Across the street used to be redneck neighbors with too many children; a husband that liked to stand in the middle of the street wearing nothing but shorts, beer belly, and a trucker hat while he played with a whip; and the mom who had to chase her dog every time she opened the garage door (you'd think she'd learn after the first few times) and she'd call the dog with a voice like she was stuck in a wood chipper.

About 6 months ago that family suddenly disappeared leaving the house abandoned with all their stuff still there. Last week it was purchased and now every night there is an army of vehicles in the front yard as they renovate (apparently the house was left in deplorable condition). I haven't met them yet, and don't know what kind of neighbors they will be, but they seem to have strong family bonds. My husband talked to them and told me that they are fixing it up for a family member and her daughter. I see them sitting on the porch as the family works on the house.

Now, the neighbor that worries me the most is the closest to my home. Our bedroom is on the side of the house closest to this neighbor's living room, and he likes to play LOUD music late at night and even into the morning. Apparently the police do not act on noise complaints unless 3 people complain, and he doesn't have 3 occupied houses near him to make complaints. He also likes to weed his driveway with a flamethrower, and it is also what he used to light fireworks on July 4th, and nearly blew up when he put the flaming end of the torch next to the gas tank.

Recently, the neighbor has been having his fun by skidding his car all over the road in front of mine and his houses, and around the corners down the street. Last week I yelled at him because I was standing in my driveway holding my baby Bryan and he skid sideways into his driveway full speed, getting up on 2 wheels and almost taking out the mailboxes before nearly flipping over into my driveway crushing me and Bryan. Thankfully my giant rose bushes seem to have been fed gamma radiation, so I would have had at least something to take most of the impact if he rolled his truck. His excuse was "I'm young and stupid, it's kind of expected of me." Way to go, lemming. I told him there are children that play on this street. "I don't see any children." Yeah, you wouldn't see them until it was too late. Now the front of my house the road is full of skid marks, and so is his driveway.

Last Friday, I was coming home and there was a huge accident at the end of the street. Must have been 6 cars, the whole street was closed off. Only one cop there, but lots of emergency vehicles, but there were regular people (probably those involved in the accident) directing traffic to take side streets to avoid the closed road. The side streets were residential streets and everyone was on their front porches watching the detoured cars like a street parade. When I finally made it past the intersection with the accident I saw that one vehicle was upside down and crushed flat. This is a small neighborhood street near a high school, 30mph speed limit, how could someone be that reckless to get in such a bad wreck?

Few days later I realized, I haven't seen my stupid neighbor since Thursday. Now I'm wondering if he is the one that caused that accident. If so, karma. I told him to slow down. I still hope he is ok, and if he was involved I hope that he learns his lesson.

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