Tuesday, July 6, 2010

1 month old!

Bryan is one month old today! Tomorrow he has his wellness checkup. He's grown so fast! Today we are going to visit family.
Meanwhile, I have a few new pictures to add:

I love it when he makes this face! Kissy! Sorry for the upward angle and blur, I was holding him and it was difficult to take a good pic.

My three boys cuddling on the couch! Matrix had been snuggling up alongside Bryan lately. I think Matrix has accepted him. Just wait until Bryan is old enough to pull tails..

"My finger". Bryan is looking toward the TV. He can't see it yet but he can hear it. Matrix looks content being Bobby's armrest.

And one of my favorite activities! Cuddles!

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  1. Bryan can now live a life where every moment is documented and saved on off shore servers. There will never be a moment of embarrassment that will not haunt him. Thank you, Computer Age!