Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lolita cut-sew

So I lied apparently about finishing the petticoat soon. I got tired of working with it and moved on to something else to distract me temporarily. I made a Lace cut-sew. (Cut-sew is basically casual tops made of jersey or what-not) Forgive the crumby pictures, my cell phone camera isn't very good, and I have nearly no lighting in my home.I quickly realized that it looks horrible on my clothing form. I'm plus size and the form isn't. I cut up some of my husband's old t-shirts to make it. The front panel has pink ribbon criss-crossing, and there is pink ribbon bows on the sleeves. I'm proud of it as being the second piece of non-doll clothing I've made. And it fits me perfectly! ^_^ The only thing I wish I could of changed was using better quality materials, but at the same time I love recycling old things and making them better.

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  1. this actually very good ...i still have to learn how to make one :) but i have the opposite issue im very very petite