Thursday, February 18, 2010

Newer Kimono Barbies

2003 Princess of Japan Barbie. This is the palest and skinniest Asian Barbie I've seen. The kimono and obi are made of what seems to be shower curtain fabric, and is accented by shiny white satin in the under-collar, obi-age and obi-jime. She also wears no tabi.
The obi is a deeply pleated tateya that normally is a solid rectangle, but I spread the bow out using pins to hold it open. I like what they did with the hairline on this doll. It's painted in the back to give a natural look.

This is the 2008 Happy New Year Oshogatsu Barbie. Gold Label, Japan Exclusive, very expensive ($160-300). Bobby got me this one for Christmas when it came out. I was reluctant at first to remove it from the package because of the price, but I'm not all about resale value and collectablity, I want to be able to enjoy thoroughly. She's got the most lovely face and many flowers in her hair, and even a bira-bira kanzashi. The kimono is lined a pink satin. There is a white under-collar and a date-eri that is red with tiny white pattern.
The kimono is not removable. The obi is sewn on and can not be removed. The obi is the unfortunate feature. It looks as though they attempted to do a fukura-suzume bow and failed miserably. Also, there is no obi-age. After the release of this doll, the did a remake to sell exclusively at Walmart. Looks the same but with a white kimono instead of pink, and she has a purse instead of a hagoita (battledore). Originally sold for $70, but so few were made that now I can't find it for under $1500. I'm not a die-hard collector, and the quality isn't worth looking into it.
So, that's the collection so far. I hope to start adding kimono Jennys (Japan's version of Barbie) to my collection, and maybe some Licca-chans.

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