Thursday, February 18, 2010

Older Kimono Barbies

My least favorite Japanese Barbie ever made is the 1984 Dolls of the World Japanese Barbie. Thankfully I don't own it (lol), but to give you an idea: link. The Barbie collector photo works to make it look better than it is (That fan she's holding is a cardboard cut-out) Link The whole thing is one nasty, shiny satin mess. Anyways, second least favorite is the 1996 Dolls of the World Japanese Barbie:
Its a very florescent, Hawaiian-looking kimono. The collar is very narrow and the sleeves are sewn closed all the way around. The kimono actually does have a ohashori fold, but its so small that it always hides under the obi and is thus a usless feature when they were making it. Not to mention the perma-bent, robot arms. Obi is white with gold cross-hatch pattern, obi-jime is orange and gold. I actually like the obi-age, it's a sparkly pink netting, and looks like what girls where on modern kimono. The obi is tied in a sad, droopy tateya bow.

I was lucky enough to find a 1964 Barbie in Japan kimono. Originally it came as an outfit only, including kimono, obi, 3 kanzashi, a fan, zouri/tabi, and shamisen. Most sets are incomplete or broken now, especially the strings missing from the shamisen and the zouri ripped into two pieces.
I bought the kimono/obi only for $7 at a doll show and I added my own shamisen and hair accessory and dressed it on a vintage Barbie remake. The kimono has gold wisteria pattern and the obi is white with gold cherry blossoms.
The kimono is lined in white in the sleeves and skirt portion. The obi is tied in a tateya bow and is attached using a snap closure, rather than velcro like most others.

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