Thursday, February 18, 2010


Recently I had the routine test for gestational diabetes (pregnancy related diabetes, goes away after pregnancy) and it came back high, 185/140, so my doctor sent me to get a thorough test done. The second test wrecked me! It was a 3 hour long test that included fasting, drawing sample blood, drinking a glucose solution as fast as possible, and then drawing blood 3 more times, each an hour apart.

20 minutes after drinking the glucose on an empty stomach I became rather nauseous, compounded by the smell of an old ladies strong perfume sitting next to me in the waiting room. I went outside for a breathe of fresh air but it smelled like urine, probably homeless people use the area at night. The lab guy was nice and let me use an examination room to lay down in. I stayed laying down the rest of the 3 hours.

Thankfully my results came back negative! I was worried I'd have to take insulin until baby was born. So, I think the only complication I've had in pregnancy so far is mild anemia.

Recently, I haven't posting any crafts. I've been thinking of what I haven't shared, and I'd like to post about some temari I've made, my kimono Barbie collection, and bonsai.

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  1. I just watched Scrubs which
    featured diabetes. I'm
    glad you're healthy. Spring.