Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bryan is growing so fast!

Bryan is two months old now, and full of smiles! He's learning new sounds and likes to coo all the time. He giggles, but it is mostly breathy noises. Lately he's occasionally added vocal sounds to his giggles, and even a squeal or two!

Matrix has been really good with Bryan.


Earlier this week Bryan met his great grandmother. She was afraid to hold him at first, but she loved meeting him.

My boys, sleeping on the couch!
In an earlier post I put up a video of him snoring, but this video he is snoring louder!

Yesterday Bryan and I went to my sister's house.
Bryan and his cousins, Atlantis and Dakota. They love hanging out together.

Around dinner time Bryan was being fussy. Laying in this position in Auntie's arms put him to sleep!
My sister, Bryan and my nephew Noah.
We later went for a 2 mile walk with the stroller. Bryan was still asleep from being held, but it was nice to enjoy the cool night air.

My hubby isn't too keen on taking pictures, so I get so few pictures of me with Bryan! I made him take this picture today :-)

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  1. OMG no way thats you in that last pic. YOU'RE SO SKINNY! I kept looking at Nicole's pics and thinkin 'damn that girl's too skinny' and then BLAM! - Skinny Amanda! I dont want to be the only fat sibling and since I refuse to loose weight that means fattening one of you up! Eat this Doughnut!