Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pierce County Fair 2010

This weekend in my home town is the Pierce County Fair. It is a fair basically celebrating farm life and simple things. There are carnival rides for the kids, merchandise and advertising booths, live music and animal shows.

Not much as far as merchandise. There were temporary tattoos, cheap toys, jewelry, and these fairy statuettes.

In the 4-H club building there were handicrafts that people had entered in crafting competitions. There were a good number of quilts.
The kids' crafts section had baked goods, drawings, and photography. There was also clothing made by kids, which was actually quite impressive. I always have mixed feelings on the drawings, because many of the entries are not original works of art, many anime/manga pictures. In this picture, the drawing of the owl with a banana peal on its head was kinda funny.

There were animal shows but we really didn't look at them. The livestock always smell so bad. We did walk through the dog show area, but it was 95 degrees and the dogs were all suffering, some had fans and cold towels draped over them.

After walking around for awhile we sat down and ate a deep fried onion and shaved ice. A very small fair, but something to do on this hot day.

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