Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bryan's Futon

Today Bryan received a futon from his great-uncle in Korea. It's very cute, but unfortunately Bryan sleeps in a crib, not on the floor like like how Korean/Japanese futon are meant to be used. The blanket and pad are very thick, thicker than Western-style blankets.

When I was shopping for baby supplies with my mother-in-law I couldn't understand why she kept complaining that Babies-R-Us didn't sell baby blankets, even though I pointed out to her that we had several blankets in the shopping cart. "Those aren't baby blankets!" she said. The tags clearly say "Baby Blanket" on them... Now I understand that she meant "futon" not "blanket".

There is a neck-roll pillow (much too big for him) and a very flat pillow filled with tiny yellow rice.

It's all wrinkly. Blurry pic, but gives you an idea of the size. Maybe when he's ready for his crib to be converted into a toddler bed he can use this.

Kicking off the covers! Matrix is checking it out too. Maybe Matrix is thinking he wants it for his new cat bed! He also got two outfits from Korea. They are very cutesy, and he won't fit into them until he is one years old.

Saturday we all went to a friend's place for a party. I made eggrolls and we had some good food. Bryan was well behaved and ended up falling asleep. He slept almost 11 hours that night! I even got to go swimming in their swimming pool. I haven't been swimming in forever.

A funny picture I took of Bryan eyeballing my ice cream! It's a Cookie-Dipper Drumstick, I'm obsessed with them! He was watching it like this the whole time I ate it.
Bryan's coordination is getting better. We got him a play mat and he's learning to bat at the danglies. I think he is right handed. He likes the monkey in the middle, which is actually something we bought seperately to hang on the car seat, but it swings too low and bops him in the face so we attached it here. Bryan can recognize smiling faces on stuffed animals now, so when I tilt it face-to-face with him he smiles back at the monkey.

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